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designer and developer
designer and developer

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The security question and answer is an additional step to keep your account secure in the event that you have to reset your password.

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The question can be anything that you will find memorable but it should also be a question that no-one else might guess or know from the information they have about you or can find out from publicly available sources.

Instead of providing a set list of questions we leave it up to you to decide what question to answer, and it's your opportunity to get creative and keep your account more secure at the same time. If you need some guidance on the kind of question you should enter here, read the following short guide to security questions:

What makes a good security question?

A good security question produces answers that are:

  1. Safe: cannot be guessed or researched
  2. Stable: does not change over time
  3. Memorable: can remember
  4. Simple: is precise, simple, consistent
  5. Many: has many possible answers

Examples of Good, Fair, Poor Questions


What is the first name of the person you first kissed?
What is the last name of the teacher who gave you your first bad grade?


What was the name of your primary school?
In what city or town does your nearest sibling live?
What time of the day were you born?


What is your pet’s name?
In what year was your father born?
What is your favourite _____?

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