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designer and developer
designer and developer

Manage login security

Two Factor Authentication is turned off.

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a way of securing your account using a second 'password' that is generated by a physical device that you have access to at the time you log in. Our implementation relies on your use of a smartphone with an authentication app installed.

The password is a Time-based One-time Password (TOTP), in this case a 6 digit code which you will enter immediately after you have successfully entered your username and password.

The code supplied is based on a unique key stored in the app that you use. Only your app and our website will know whether this is the correct code for your account.

Smartphone Setup

There are several free and paid-for apps available  for Android and iOS devices, and they work with many sites that offer or insist on two-factor authentication for security of an account.

Recommended free apps


Android, iOS

Google Authenticator

Android, iOS

Microsoft Authenticator

Android, iOS, Windows Mobile

or search your app store for 'OTP authentication' for a range of alternatives included paid-for apps with enhanced features.

Set up two-factor authentication

To get started, select 'Use 2FA' then re-enter your username and password and follow the instructions provided on the following screen.

Manage two-factor authentication

'Reset 2FA' before you delete your authentication key on your mobile app. This can be useful if you wish to change your phone or authentication app.

'Cancel 2FA' when you no longer want this additional security for your account.

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