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specialising in branding, web and desktop design
branding, web and desktop
Last updated May 2016

Recent Projects

I am involved with a wide range of assignments from clients as well as some pet projects and pro bono work. I've included some of the more recent or memorable as examples of what I can do.


Branding Design

Serendipity Studios Website - Touch enabled and device independent website for smartphones, tablets and desktops

These are projects where the main focus has been on branding and its implementation in print or on-line. Take a look at the variety of work I've been doing for my clients.

Product Design

Reebok Pump Window Display - Window display at Covent Garden branch

Projects here include an element of 3D design and CNC manufacturing, in which I collaborate with clients, and machine shops for fabrication of real world objects. In some cases I also manufacture electronic components and perform 2d milling

Website Development

Website programming - Conceptual illustration of web page design showing key technologies used

I am actively involved in developing websites using the latest technlologies including responsive frameworks, ASP.net and SQL Server, often as part of an overall branding for my clients. I've also developed a bespoke content management system that allows clients to update their own site while permitting further customisation to their own business needs.


Website programming - Conceptual illustration of web page design showing key technologies used

I've developed a niche in programming in Microsoft languages including VBA for Office, and ASP.NET for standalone apps. Some of the more visual projects are shown here.

3D Visualisations

Storefront visualisation - 3D generated image showing design of planned cafe

Projects in this category include modelling, texturing, lighting and rendering final visualisations.

Personal Projects

Personal Projects - Doc Brown from 'Back To The Future'

Apart from graphic design, I'm interested in electronics and programmable chips, 3D printing and CNC machining in general. One day I'll invent something cool...

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