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designer and developer
designer and developer
Last updated February 2021

Mencap Campaign Animation

A creative pitch to Mencap for a potential campaign to raise awareness of the low numbers of people with learning disabilities employed by organisations who have made a committent to diversity and inclusion

The purpose of this demo is to show a sample animation using SVG animated graphics - lightweight and resolution independent, as opposed to video or animated GIFs - for this 30-second clip at 1920x1080, the rendered video size is 7Mb, while the animated SVG shown here is only 1.1Mb.

While researching Mencap's corporate identity currently in use, I was taken with the recent branding development in their 'Here I am' campaign and decided to imagine being given carte-blanche to expand on this style of branding - dark and brooding, punchy and slightly confrontational.

The result is one promo animation as part of a potential series using common british sayings, each one highlighting the public statements of major UK companies towards inclusivity and diversity, and their record of employing people with learning disablities.

The campaign slogan 'We can do more' features at the end of each promo in an appropriate house style. The campaign might include the following phrases, along with suitable graphics:

  • fine words butter no parsnips (shown)
  • handsome is as handsome does
  • one swallow does not make a summer
  • ... plus more that might be generated by team brainstorming

Once the animation has been created in After Effects it can be output as SVG animated graphics for use in banners, with a clickable link, can be made to play once and stop or loop, or start and stop animation based on user input or page movement. It can be embedded in a player - as seen on this page - for use in web pages, with or without play controls.

The animation can also be exported as video, or as frames for use in animated GIFs.


This is not an actual campaign and is not endorsed by Mencap. Trademark or copyrights to the Mencap identity remain with the holders.

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