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specialising in branding, web and desktop design
branding, web and desktop

Product Design

Projects here include an element of 3D design and CNC manufacturing, in which I collaborate with clients, and machine shops for fabrication of real world objects. In some cases I also manufacture electronic components and perform 2d milling


Lime Tree School Signage - Wall mural at completion of works
Lime Tree School Signage

A project to create and install signage at a new primary school in the Royal Borough of Kingston, London. Main elements of the project were external signs, internal wall graphics, internal signs and external wall mural.

Reebok Pump Window Display - Window display at Covent Garden branch
Reebok Pump Window Display

I designed and assembled the electronic components and light rings for this impressive window display, installed in three branches of Reebok Fitness in London.

Round Pedestal Manufacture - CAD image showing
Round Pedestal Manufacture

Design for round exhibition pedestal carcasses from MDF. The work involved producing working drawings and nesting parts for CNC cutting.

Sarah Lucas Furniture - Exhibition of furniture collection at Contemporary Fine Arts Gallery Gmbh
Sarah Lucas Furniture

I was asked to create CAD/CAM files for this interesting project, a joint venture between the artist Sarah Lucas and London Art Workshop. Work was completed using AutoCAD and Rhino with final parts nested for production on flat sheets.

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