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designer and developer
designer and developer
Data Security - Closeup of keyboard with fingerprint on the enter key

Data Security

Closeup of keyboard with fingerprint on the enter key

Image Credit: ©2024 Unknown

Last updated November 2019

Data and website policy

I like to be transparent about the collection, storage and use of personal data gathered on my website. This page sets out the purpose of data collection on this site, the types of information collected and the scope and limitation of how that information is used.

Data protection

Use and storage of your personal data

No personal information about you is saved and stored when you visit our website unless you choose to provide this information by registering an account via the website. When you create an account the responses to questions raised in the registration form are stored. With the following exceptions, this data is encrypted and cannot be accessed or modified by me. Your first and last name, username and email address are used by us to manually amend your membership type, unlock or delete your account. Your email address is added to our own mailing lists.

Once registered, you are encouraged, but not obliged, to complete additional information (personal profile) which is associated with your account. Your profile data is encrypted, and is shared with us for the specific purposes of analysing our membership as a cohort, and assessing eligibility for client status. Your email address is not shared with any other organisation.

By default you will be subscribed to receive emails from us from all currently available mailing lists that we have set up - such as News Updates and Article Updates. You can remove yourself from individual or all mailing lists by creating or updating your personal profile and updating your email preferences. Emails from us will always contain a link to unsubscribe from receiving further emails, and by doing so you will be removed from selected or all mailing lists, depending upon your preferences. You can re-subscribe by updating your personal profile.

We record information about your visit to the website, including the page visited, your logged-in username, IP address, geographical location, and the referring website. We use this information to track site usage and to identify potential abuse.

All of your personal data is retained by us until we no longer require it to maintain the service provided, or until we receive a request to remove it. We will delete all of your personal data upon request, except our own financial records for sales transactions, and website visit data which will be anonymised.

We use Google Analytics to record site usage. Google uses cookies to identify you as a visitor to this web site and data relating to your usage of the site such as which pages you visit, how long you view a particular page and other metrics. This information is available to us to monitor traffic and visitor data from users as a cohort. Google do not make this data available to anyone else and do not track your visits from one site to another using Google Analytics. If you are concerned with the use of this data, consider using a tracking protection plugin such as uBlock Origin, Ghostery or Google Analytics Opt-Out Plugin

Users 16 and under

If you are aged 16 or under, please get your parent/guardian's permission beforehand whenever you provide personal information to this site. Users without this consent are not allowed to provide us with personal information.

Remote storage of data

We hold data at our offices, and on remotely accessible servers for web, e-mail and management information. Remote data is accessible by us using a web browser via an encrypted connection and protected with a strong login password. We ensure that remote data is held securely and that sensitive information is also encrypted on the server.

Your own personal data is accessible in this way via our public website using your account name and password. We limit the attempts to log in to three before the account is locked for a five minute period. Furthermore, your registered email address is the only recipient of password reset requests. You should take care to keep this information safe and to protect your account with a secure password.


We use cookies to provide website functionality, such as keeping track of which page you are on currently, some login information and storing internal data required by pages during your visit. We do not use data contained in these cookies for any other purpose.

The cookies used* by us are:

eg_site_session_data encrypted internal data required for pages to function correctly. Required at all times for correct site functionality. Can be removed at end of session**. Removal within session may cause unpredictable site behaviour on page refresh or navigation. Expires 3 hours from last visit.
eg_logged_in_user_info encrypted details including username, login status and time since last logged in. Required if logged in. Can be removed at end of session. Removal within session will log you out. Expires 3 hours from last visit.
eg_anonymous_info encrypted data identifying you as an anonymous user rather than logged in. Can be permanently blocked, or deleted at any time. Expires 3 hours from last visit.
Data indicating your acknowledgment of the use of cookies on the site. It's presence prevents popup notification from appearing. Expires 6 months from the date you acknowledged the popup.

* Your web browser may report expired or renamed cookies in addition to those listed above. We do not use these cookies and it is safe to delete them. To check which cookies are used by a website refer to this guide and its notes for your particular browser

** A session is the duration of your visit to the site and any pages within the site. A session will end when you visit another website. Returning to the site will create a new session.

Access to your personal information

You have the right to request a copy of the personal information that I hold about you and to have any inaccuracies corrected. To view the information held on our systems, visit Account Personal Information.

Deleting your personal information

You are able to delete the data we have recorded. This requires deleting your account on the site. To find out more, see Delete Account

This information includes your name, password and reminder information, email addresses, physical addresses, phone numbers, dates and times of login and pages visited. Where you have made purchases, you will lose access to financial records such as orders and invoices.

In the event that you have shared your online account with other users, you can only delete your account by changing the primary account holder to another user, or by removing the user from your account prior to deletion. For more information, see Manage Contacts

Once requested, the action is immediate and irreversible.

*Certain information is not deleted. This includes personal information recorded in financial transactions which we are obliged to retain.

Data Protection Act

For the purpose of the Data Protection Act 1998, the data controller is Eddie Green, Unit F Arena Design Centre, London N4 1FF.

If you are concerned about the security of or the use of your data, please contact us and we will do our best to resolve your concerns. If you are still concerned, please contact the Commissioner's office at:

The Information Commissioner's Office
Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 5AF
Tel: +44 (0) 1625 545745

Website Terms

Use of our website

You may download, store and use the material on our website for your own personal use and research, or that of your charity, company or organisation. If you wish to republish, retransmit, redistribute or make available material from our website to another party, please seek our prior consent. If you wish to use our logo, please contact us.

We provide links to a range of other information from government and the voluntary sector. We don't endorse or approve of all of the information appearing on sites we have links to.

We may restrict or suspend our website (typically for repairs, introduction of services or general maintenance) and where possible we will post warnings on the site first. We will try to do this no more than is necessary, and keep the time of disruption minimal.

The content of this website is the copyright of Eddie Green or others where indicated. The downloading of images or text without the permission of the copyright owner may breach their copyright. Always check the website copyright notice or website disclaimer to ensure that your use of any material is permitted.

I have tried to ensure that all information provided through this website is correct, and apologise for any errors discovered. Please let me know if anything published is incorrect.


This website is designed with the aim of accessibility for all users. If you come across any pages or features which do not work correctly or view correctly, please let us know.

Notice to admins and editors

Editing pages and administering the site is disabled because you are not using two-factor authentication to secure your account. This is required for all users with privileged access.

Set up Two Factor Authentication

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