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specialising in branding, web and desktop design
branding, web and desktop

Personal Projects

Apart from graphic design, I'm interested in electronics and programmable chips, 3D printing and CNC machining in general. One day I'll invent something cool...


Datatool Remote Key Fob Repair - Closeup of completed keyfob with damaged key loop removed and new one added
Datatool Remote Repair

If you have a Datatool alarm for your car or motorcycle, the chances are that you've broken one of these. Here's a way to repair the fob that is an improvement on the original.

Helping Hands - Closeup of the end of one of the flexible hands with clamp attached
Helping Hands Table

I do quite a lot of tinkering with electronics and computers and never have enough hands. This is my solution for gripping and positioning items. Made from laser cut acrylic and milling machine cooling pipes. Contact me for plan drawings if you want to make your own!

Lost Voice Whiteboard - Speech bubble shape, laser cut in acrylic, with lanyard, drywipe pen and erasing cloth
Lost Voice Whiteboard

A personal project for one of my friends who was not able to speak for a while, this speech bubble shape was designed to be easily gripped and moved in the hand in order to write and erase notes. Manufactured from 5mm white acrylic, laser cut.

The MendelMax 3 3D printer - The finished printer unit with all custom parts added
MendelMax 3D Printer

The MendelMax 3 is the latest generation mid-volume 3D printer supplied in kit form. Read my review and progress during customisation, including the 3D files required to print some of my custom parts

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