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designer and developer
designer and developer
Concepts and consultation - Illustration with initial design and planning work using pen and paper

Concepts and consultation

Illustration with initial design and planning work using pen and paper

Image Credit: ©2024 Eddie Green

Last updated November 2019


A summary of the main services that I offer to my clients

Concepts and planning consultancy

Concepts and planning consultancy

Whether you are planning a new business venture or developing your market presence, with 20 years' experience in branding design and business management, I'm able to provide early input to your overall marketing strategy. For example, when setting up a new business, I offer to research the most appropriate business names for both domain registration and for the creation of a striking visual identity.

With expertise ranging from graphic design to database development, I am able to manage an entire project from start to finish. I can provide recommendations for suppliers including web hosting companies, printers and other specialists that you may need to complete your project.

I am also able to provide insight and resources to develop technical solutions for the management of your business, including the development of bespoke software and databases tailored to your requirements.

Graphic design

Graphic design services

In developing your marketing strategy, I create clean and attractive promotional materials that reinforce your organisation's values through visual images, colour and type.

Working with the latest design software I prepare artwork for conventional print, web or electronic delivery. I have considerable experience designing for litho and large format digital print, and cardboard engineering.

I also bring your corporate identity to documents created using Microsoft Office products, with branded Word, PowerPoint and email templates that can be used throughout your organisation.

Website and database development

Website programming

I specialise in structured website design using style sheets to control layout. As a result, the design of the site and its content are separated and easily editable.

In addition, I have developed a bespoke content management system that you can use, making it simple to edit and add pages including images and documents.

I can create databases that can be edited or viewed online via a web interface, for example online booking, shopping cart or order processing systems.


Storefront visualisation

Using a range of software packages, I can create a variety of illustrations for your marketing materials and website including line drawings, composite photography, and business graphics such as charts and icons.

I am fully equipped with photographic equipment including studio lighting, and can prepare environmental and product shots if required for your project. In addition,

I am also able to prepare 3-D model illustrations for products and architectural visualisations, including animations.I can also prepare technical drawings for architectural planning or CAD/CAM manufacturing,

Domain hosting services

Web Servers

If your project requirements include Internet services, I manage my own web and mail servers which are available for client projects, and I provide complete management of domain names and server set up.

Additionally I also host SQL server databases in order to provide advanced solutions for both website hosting and business administration applications.

3D design and production

CNC Manufacturing

I am experienced in 3D design, modelling and output for manufacturing, with software suites geared up for mechanical processes. Typical projects include translating plan drawings to 3D and 2D output for CNC machines, and working from concepts to produce a final product.

I have a 3D printer for functional printed parts up to 300x230x200mm, and outsource other manufacturing to specialist partners with the appropriate equipment to complete a project.

Electronics design and manufacturing

Electronics design and manufacturing - A circuit board with components on top of the board schematic

Working with Arduino-compatible boards, ESP8266 and ESP32 for WiFi and bluetooth connectivity, and specialist circuits, I am able to develop responsive and self-governing electronics for projects including sensor and user input, light and sound, particularly for use in display and exhibition equipment.

I am equipped with a workshop and base components for most electronic requirements, work with manufacturers for PCBs and can produce electronic enclosudes using 3D printing.

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