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designer and developer
designer and developer
Background Illustration - 3D visualisation showing a line jumping over a series of hurdles of increasing height

Background Illustration

3D visualisation showing a line jumping over a series of hurdles of increasing height

Image Credit: ©2024 Eddie Green

Last updated June 2020


A brief chronological history of my working life over the last few decades


Prior to working in the graphic arts industry I developed experience in general management and eventually in setting up franchises in the UK and the US. Some work involved design and print, and I discovered my fascination for the industry; from the use of computers for artwork creation to the dirty mechanics of the print trade.


I began my business servicing local printers who were mostly without modern typesetting and design facilities, learning a great deal about lithographic printing and finishing on the print room floor along the way. As I picked up larger print jobs, this experience gave me the expertise to manage both pre-press and complex production on modern offset litho machines. At the same time I developed clients as a designer, starting with small local businesses and eventually with regular clients including charities, local authorities, health service departments and advertising agencies.


Unlike many graphic design studios, I use PC's for design work in-house, while using Macs for freelance or on-site work. Being technically-minded, I developed an expertise in cross-platform support in installation and troubleshooting for printers and designers, as well as developing a specialisation in Microsoft product customisation for business, and programming on the Windows platform in general. I have a long association with Millharbour Digital Print who were early adopters of large format digital printing. Through them I became involved in refining PDF workflows, colour profiling and all types of digital print production for advertising and exhibition displays.


Driven by an interest in new technologies and techniques, more recent work has included database-driven website development and content management in addition to conventional brochure sites.The latest iteration of my content management system available to clients was published in 2019 and now includes a full-featured shopping system both for conventional products and for customisable items like printed or personalised products

I've developed skills in 3D architectural visualisation and was involved in preparing visuals for the Olympic Games site in Stratford and a number of exhibition designs. I also developed a line of products, along with branding and visuals for a new-start fast food outlet.

Having worked on projects for Reebok and Adidas, I've also mastered a skill with 3D modelling and CNC production for designs entering the real world. I built my own commercial 3D printer in 2016 and work in prototyping plastics for use in electronic projects among many other things. I also produce designs, programming and assembly for IoT devices, and intelligent controls - I've developed a number of unique products such as a 'bathroom monitor', NFC activated computer lock, and internet enabled front door lock.

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