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This large project is for a newly created chain of sandwich shops. The design work for Prego included the concept and name, corporate identity, packaging design and interior and exterior design for three premises.


Prego Branding

Branding was created with two variants of logo to anticipate all possible uses, and guidelines prepared. This was applied to site designs and a range of printed and manufactured products shown here.

Prego branding - Logo designs and colour schemes, forming part of the branding guidelines

Packaging Design

Prego required a selection of packaging. Working closely with the manufacturers, I created finished artwork and visuals for each product.

Prego packaging - Assorted cups

Cannon Street Design

The first of the shops to open, the Cannon Street store was designed in detail using 3D renders of all areas of the store both to make design decisions and to provide guidance to shopfitters.

Prego - Cannon Street Store - Render showing counter and feature wall

Sicilian Avenue Design

Situated in the heart of the West End of London, this site has specific design restrictions, and visuals were created to show proposals to the premises managing agents.

Prego - Cicilian Avenue Store - Exterior render showing branding

Chancery Lane Design

Prepared to accompany negotiations for the lease, visuals included proposals for layout and feasibility study for this very small shop front with additional seating facilities at the back.

Prego - Chancery Lane Store - Exterior branding render

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