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specialising in branding, web and desktop design
branding, web and desktop

Website Development

I am actively involved in developing websites using the latest technlologies including responsive frameworks, ASP.net and SQL Server, often as part of an overall branding for my clients. I've also developed a bespoke content management system that allows clients to update their own site while permitting further customisation to their own business needs.


Bailout Backup - A screenshot of the home page as seen in a desktop browser
Bailout Backup

Development of a website along with branding for a software company. Incorporating the latest generation content management sysyem (CMS). All graphics were created in-house in addition to copywriting for the entire site.

Best Digital - Screenshot of the home page, featuring the colourful theme reflecting the organisation's ability to print large and vibrant graphics
Best Digital

Part of the project involving complete branding of the company to reflect their ablility to print at large scale for major brands. The completed site included an in-house content management system. Most images were supplied by me and shot on location. I was also responsible for most of the copywriting.

David Waller - Screenshot of the David Waller website home page
David Waller

The website for David Waller was a small project to help a local artist. At the time it was built it was one of the first to use CSS styles and custom fonts to control the look and feel of the site.

Go Skiwear - Screenshot of the masthead and home page hero panel, showing the branding, and the overall look and feel created for the brand
Go Ski Wear

This project used an open-source e-commerce site from nopCommerce. Work included the design of branding for the company, and subsequently the installation and configuration of essential settings, and the development of the CSS templates through which the look and feel of the site was applied.

Mark Marchant - Screenshot of the home page showing branding design and the overall theme of the site
Mark Marchant

A small project for a local trader, this site uses the Foundation responsive framework for perfect display on desktop and modile devices. The project included concepts for the branding and look and feel of the site, copywriting and image selection.

Purcell Radio - Screenshot of the home page of the Purcell Radio website showing the sliding hero control with responsive layout
Purcell Radio

Taking an established brand, this website was developed using a responsive framework and a SQL server back-end serving editable and static content.

Stock Exchange Benevolent Fund - The home page with masthead branding and theme, reflecting the shape of trading desks on the floor of the stock exchange up to the early '90's
Stock Exchange Benevolent Fund

This project set out to modernise the online identity of this long established charity, and encompassed web, traditional print and email communications. The look and feel of the site is intended to reflect the history of the organisation and, at the same time, their welcoming and supportive role in society.

Strategic Insurance Solutions - Screenshot of the home page showing branding design and the look and feel of the site
Strategic Insurance Solutions

Part of a branding exercise for a startup business, including this responsive website, branding and premises signage.

SubOptic 2016 - Home page with masthead and hero panel reflecting the overall look and feel of the site
SubOptic 2016

This project was an ambitious development of both front end website and conference booking system, developed for GLS Design in Farnham. The project was never completed but I really liked the implementation of the design.

ACO Website - Screenshot of the home page showing branding design and the overall theme of the site
The Association of Charitable Organisations

Part of an over all re-branding excercise for the ACO, the website is fully responsive and features a custom designed content management system. A mailing system has also been created to manage subscriptions and automate sending news and page updates to users on demand.

Fundraising Tree - Screenshot of the home page showing branding design and the overall theme of the site
The Fundraising Tree Company

Development of this company's site including concepts, branding, copywriting, illustration and photography. The site includes a custom made store capable of handling complex customisation of products and categories, and a comprehensive ordering order management system.

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