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Hello and welcome to my new website. Inside the site you will find full details about my professional skills and examples of my work, together with articles and news that you may find interesting.



In this section you can learn about my background, what services I provide, and the skills I can bring to your next project.

Concepts and consultation - Illustration with initial design and planning work using pen and paper


Covering the world of graphic design, web development, information technology and my own developments, this section contains news stories related to my work, and fields of interest shared with my clients and colleagues.

News - Public address outdoor speakers

Recent Projects

I am involved with a wide range of assignments from clients as well as some pet projects and pro bono work. I've included some of the more recent or memorable as examples of what I can do.

Eddie Green Project portfolio - Sharpened pencils against a plain backdrop


These articles provide information that I hope will be useful to my clients and visitors. Register to receive notifications of new articles as they become available.
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